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Over the years air transport has undergone a considerable increase due to the necessity to rapidly supply all corners of the world, with a varied offer in terms of economy of the service rendered. For this reason Franzosini developed the air department, becoming a member of the IATA International Air Transport Association, with consolidated and ad hoc services from Milan Malpensa and Zurich. Modern corporate stock management has required a reduction in restocking times and air transport performs a role of primary importance in such context. Assistance to this service is therefore essential and every aspect must be covered in the minimum detail during the operational phases which precede and follow the load; all guaranteed through our partnerslocated in all continents.
Franzosini is focused in refrigerated transport in collaboration with the main air carriers in this delicate kind of service. The Goods are carried inside dedicated containers allowing constant temperature control. These are able to store the content within a thermal range from -20°C and +20°C.

Mainly used by the pharmaceutical industry for moving finished or semi-finished products, these containers easily adapt to moving food products as their strong point is the flexibility of the internal micro-climatic conditions.
Departures are consolidated from the main intercontinental airports of our region: Zurich and Milan, through foremost air carriers. The consolidation of the despatches through controlled temperature containers or palletising for such general cargo comes about at our structures, in this way guaranteeing direct management up to the departure terminal.

A unique global-player for your despatches. Just one interlocutor to entrust. The logistics chain is monitored throughout the World.


  • Economy service, a cost-sensitive solution when delivery time is less important
  • Business service, a short-term direct service with daily departures and detailed shipment monitoring
  • First Class service, the top service with fast turnaround and guaranteed daily departures
  • Charter service, tailored to suit your specific individual needs for particular projects and urgent shipments
  • Special item and oversize transport


Franzosini can handle your air shipments with the assistance of our extensive network of selected correspondents and partners. Thanks to this efficient and widespread international network, we can guarantee daily departures with specific transit times for virtually any location in the world, even by water. Our flexibility allows us to always meet any need, offering tailor-made solutions to ship your goods.

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