The logistics behind your stock


Franzosini Stock & Logistics pay special attention to the distribution and logistics service with over 10,000 square metres for storage and packaging. Our specialists handle the goods with which we are entrusted with professionalism so that our clients may dedicate themselves to the main activities, delegating such tasks to a competent external service. Our warehouses are ideal for handling goods thanks to our flexible and secure criteria (FI/FO – LI/FO). Modern IT solutions, compatible with the main operating systems for goods favour excellent collaboration. The decentralised structures, combined with the offers for commissioning and labelling, represent a valid alternative to storage in situ of the various products for our clients. The depots held by Franzosini, scattered around the national territory as well as abroad, guarantee the proximity to the customers.

Over 10,000 square meters allow us to store and manage all kind of products, whether dangerous goods or large sized goods, as well as pallets and small objects. Our warehouses, located near to the border promote importing large lots of goods for capillary distribution in Switzerland, in a strategic position at the centre of Europe on the north/south axis par excellence. All that which concerns packaging is our competence and planned together with the client: new labels, product information sheets, instructions for use, new packaging, packages for special offers and assembly outfitting and restocking of sales counters.


  • SA customs deposit (authorized shipper)
  • DA customs deposit (authorized consignee)
  • DDA customs deposit (authorized customs deposit)
  • Free trade warehouse
  • Leasing spaces free of customs fees
  • Warehouse for controlled temperature merchandise
  • Valuable goods storage
  • Leasing spaces in both Switzerland and Italy
  • State of the art alarm systems with night patrols


  • Logistic Terminal and custom in Novazzano (Switzerland)
  • Logistic Terminal and custom in Stabio (Switzerland)
  • Logistic Terminal and custom in Zürich (Switzerland)
  • Duty-free warehouses “Punto Franco” (Switzerland)
  • Logistic Terminal and custom in Clivio (Italy)
  • Logistic Terminal in Monaco (Monaco)
  • Logistic Terminal and custom in Carros (France)


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