SQS certified


Corporate development is the result of careful and effective use of economic resources. However, it is an ethical duty to pursue the growth of production activities in harmony with the environment. The ISO 14001:2004 certification obtained in collaboration with SQS was a voluntary choice on the part of Franzosini, following the company’s decision to establish, implement and maintain their own environmental management system. In this way Franzosini, the first transport company based in Ticino to obtain an environmental certification, intends to concentrate its efforts developing a management system designed to monitor the environmental impacts of its activities, with a focus on systematically improving them in a coherent, effective and above all sustainable way.

The prevention of pollution does not only take into account the movements of the company’s heavy and light vehicles, but also extends to all internal activities involving suppliers and customers. Franzosini promotes a culture that favours environmental protection with respect to the company’s employees, with the preparation of specific training materials aimed at raising the awareness of personnel, constantly monitoring the impact of its activities using accurate and appropriate indicators and periodically renewing its environmental protection objectives.

In addition to the fuel consumption of heavy vehicles, particular attention is paid to the management of waste derived from internal activities, as well as the use of environmental technologies, all monitored systematically by the company’s staff. All Franzosini drivers complete an Eco-Drive coursed focused on ecological driving practices: an established driving technique that is safe, comfortable, economical, environmentally friendly and characterised by lower energy consumption with a 10-15% decrease in the emissions of pollutants.



Energy from renewable and environmentally friendly sources

Franzosini places great importance on the management of environmental quality. Conscious of the growing attention attributed to environmental issues, the company has decided to rely exclusively on 100% renewable energy produced by hydroelectric power plants, photovoltaic systems and renewable and environmentally friendly sources. We at Luciano Franzosini SA are making a decisive contribution towards the shift in energy policy, positioning ourselves as a future-oriented company.

All energy consumed by the company comes from renewable sources, 100% guaranteed by the Naturemade quality label.

Qualitative added value:

  • Energy from renewable sources with a 100% guarantee
  • Credibility thanks to substantial support from environmental organisations as well as consumer and energy sector organisations.
  • Separate certification of the production facility and of the energy product. This ensures that only the quantity of energy actually produced is sold.
  • Strengthening of the corporate identity through a clearly identifiable Swiss quality label.


Ecological added value:

  • Guarantee of the highest levels of ecological requirements concerning the protection of waters and the species that use these habitats, with hydro power certified with the Naturemade Star quality label, the highest level of certification at the European level.
  • Constant ecological enhancement of areas surrounding the plants using internal funds for hydroelectric power plants certified with the Naturemade Star quality label.
  • Promotion of the construction of new plants for the production of green energy.