Protection for goods and products



Suffering loss or damage to the cargo is the main risk for those who carry out and arrange the transport of customers’ goods every day.

We have been operating in the shipping sector since 1929 and we know the frequency with which unforeseen events occur statistically. For this reason, we offer a specific shipping insurance service, in order to safeguard the customer and make them feel protected in the face of the dangers that could compromise their shipments, causing serious economic damage.

We offer the customer customized solutions built for the needs of small, medium and large companies that entrust us daily with their transport, for products of all kinds: You can rely on insurance coverage that protects all phases of goods management, from storage, taking charge, intermediate stops, up to final delivery.






We operate exclusively with leading insurance companies present in every corner of the world.
Each single shipment is correlated with its own insurance certificate, which can be sent at the customer’s request.


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