Franzosini has been in business for more than 80 years, has more than 60 employees and 8 branches throughout Switzerland and Italy with well-defined and closely collaborative divisions of labor. Franzosini believes in its core set of values, but also keeps pace with social and economic changes in order to successfully maintain its market position. The following company policies ensure that the company is maintained and are the basis for Franzosini’s strategies, policies and models.


Corporate culture


At Franzosini, we value an open culture and the wide dissemination of information to ensure that employees work under optimal conditions. By making the Company’s economic situation and prospects transparent and open, associates are encouraged to actively participate in the Company’s future and lay the groundwork for the implementation of necessary changes.

Flexible problem management allows us to quickly and steadily intervene in all the Company’s economic activities in order to achieve the goals and strategies set for Franzosini. Our management style is participatory, cooperative and clearly oriented towards the objectives set.

Employees actively participate in the decision-making process and carry out the Company’s interests in accordance with the principles of cooperation and personal responsibility. For that reason, we believe in fostering employee responsibility and offer opportunities for personal development in order to promote efficiency, productivity and overall satisfaction. We approach the Company’s business activities and the personal development of its employees through the pursuit of result-oriented objectives and comprehensive performance assessments.


Franzosini’s Role as an Employer


At Franzosini, we focus on the individual. We respect the personality of each individual, regardless of age, gender, skin color, nationality, religious beliefs or political ideology, and personal and social skills are as important to us as the professional experience. Franzosini prides itself on being an attractive employer that seeks to maintain a fair and relevant wage policy, which also takes into account employee benefits. We aim to build long-term relationships with our employees through modern working conditions that adapt to the needs of the individual and offering stimulating tasks, freedom of action and opportunities for personal development. We promote dialog, social responsibility, safety and equal opportunities between all employees.


Collaborator Expectations


Our success and future development depend on our employees. Therefore, we select responsible, efficient and flexible employees that have good work ethics, customer-oriented mindsets and the ability to perform tasks with dedication and precision.


Promotion and Development


The quality of services offered by Franzosini is closely linked to the knowledge and the skills held by our employees, which is why we promote and support continuing education and vocational training so as to maintain our high standards of service on the market.

We are actively engaged in training new recruits and periodically hire apprentices, in compliance with the labor laws regarding minors.




We operate within the parameters of healthy and fair competition within the marketplace and maintain a neutral position with regard to politics and religion. We are registered with Trade Associations to protect the Company’s interests and those of our employees. We also promote initiatives aimed at improving the collective well-being of the company and our employees.

We define ourselves by the satisfaction of our customers and the long-term stable relationships that we aim to achieve through the exercise of discretion and trust with all our partners. To this end, we seek employees who identify with these principles.


Code of Ethics


Franzosini considers it essential to manage the relationships with its employees, partners, customers, suppliers, partners and, more generally, any third parties by safeguarding our ethical values within an environment of mutual respect, protection, transparency and fairness. For this reason, we have adopted a Code of Ethics, which is freely available upon request, that fits into the organizational context of the Company as the “Charter of Core Values” and which all those that that work with or within Franzosini must respect and adopt as their own.

The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to clearly define the rules, set of principles and values that Franzosini shares and which must be respected. Consequently, the Code of Ethics also outlines expected behaviors and provides directions for working in an ethically correct environment and solving problems, from the most modest to the most serious, as they arise in daily work activities.


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