Our ability to fulfill our business obligations


Information is the essential part in our economy. Knowing who our customers and suppliers are, and what their payment moral, reliability and business situation are like, constitutes crucial decision criteria in a globalised economy.

The D&B Rating Certificate is the certificate of quality for commerce and stands for both trustworthiness and stability. At present, only 2% of the Swiss companies meet the conditions for the D&B Rating Certificate.

The granting of the certificate to Franzosini attests that we are a loyal and interesting business partner with a stable financial situation and an ideal payment moral. This certifies our ability to fulfil our business obligations to our customers and suppliers.



  • D&B Score Franzosini 100% 100%
  • D&B Score altri 56% 56%
  • D&B Paydex 93% 93%
  • D&B Rischio 1% 1%


The Creditreform solvency index is the unordered Rating of Creditreform and reflects the creditworthiness of the person on whom the information is requested. At the same time, the creditworthiness index is also a label for the quality and prognostic capacity of the researched and individually created Creditreform information.

Solvency index