Since 1929


Established in Chiasso in 1929 as the Swiss branch of an Italian freight forwarder created in 1845, during the immediate post-war period. Franzosini became indipendent of the parent company in order to autonomously develop its services in Switzerland.

Today Franzosini has a place among the foremost freight forwarders in its region and in the first 50 at Swiss national level (GS1 study of the University of St. Gallen) for volume of traffic in a position of leadership in relation to the organisation, methods, instruments and working means used. The transport offer for any type of goods has a 360° range, whether by road, rail, air or sea by means of a dense network of consolidated correspondents in all the continents. Over 70.000 shipments are handled annually all over the world, a volume of 1.5 million cubic metres, the equivalent of 20.000 heavy plants: 1,7% of the traffic throught the Alps. Regarding raods traffic there are daily deliveries to Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Benelux and Germany, as well as eastern countries.

The merceological typology is varied: machinery for industrial plant – with relative exceptional transport – mettallurgy materials for construction, toys, textiles and clothing.

Large industrial groups and also small and medium realities, both in Switzerland and overseas place their trust in our attentive and thorought service where client satisfication is a priority for us, even if we are only appointed one delivery a year:  a vigilant eye,  always and in any case. In the maritime and air service in which the pharmaceutical sector performs a weight role, special temperature controlled conteiners are used. The main countries, from and which the containers are moved are the Far East, the United States and Australia, with consolidated departures.

Swiss quality has always been – with pride – the common thread of our activities. Apart from the daily interpersonal relationship with its clients.

Franzosini was the first company based in Ticino – in the transport field – to be ISO 14001 certified for enviromental policies as well as ISO 9001 certification for corporate managment and services.

The staff consists of 60 people is the beating heart of the company, the managment has always focussed the development of each employee on it over the years establishing a cohesive and professional group which guarantees the quality of the offered services this contributing to the corporate growth

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