Fine art logistics



The transport of art involves complex logistics to ensure perfect execution. With works of art, be they paintings, sculptures or furnishings, it is important to be able to guarantee safety throughout the logistics chain. The services offered are focused on the speed and exclusivity of the transport itself, always keeping a watchful eye under the insurance and ethical aspect of the goods transported, where often the emotional value or the exclusivity of the object make it a unique piece of value: Invaluable. According to your needs, dedicated personalized services can be implemented with box-body vehicles, and respectively, air or sea transport with mainstream airlines and shipping companies.




Your assets are in trustworthy hands

The advice we offer in creating the optimal itinerary, be it for galleries, exhibitions, museums or simply for a private purchase, will allow you to rest assured that your assets are in trustworthy hands. The precision of a historic Swiss company is at your service.


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