Temperature controlled transport



The cold chain logistics in the pharmaceutical industry are extremely complex: For the producers and distributors, it is crucial to ensure the highest quality standards during the delicate phase of transportation.

With the Pharma Logistics Services, Franzosini is able to manage the handling of large quantities of goods with temperature-controlled transports from producer to wholesalers and provides the perfect integrity of the product by providing a versatile and modern refrigerated fleet.

The continuous GPS monitoring of vehicles and instrumentation for controlling the temperature of the refrigerator is a security for the goods and the refrigerated semi-trailers of Franzosini are able to implement successfully refrigerated cargo transports at a controlled temperature for each type of pharmaceutical products.

Thanks to our experience, know-how, fleet of vehicles and the equipment dedicated to a temperature-controlled refrigerated transport, Franzosini is able to provide its customers not only high quality services, but also specific, commercial and operational consulting.
Furthermore, the organizational structure of Franzosini through a network of established partnerships, allowed the specific support of this particular market segment to ensure a quick and safe time frame for the product warranty.


All vehicles of Franzosini for Pharma Logistic Service are equipped with GPS satellite tracking to monitor the position of the vehicle and the refrigerated trailers are inside constantly treated with the strictest cleanliness and hygiene regulations.

The temperature is controlled by the most advanced technology, which is continuously checked and release at the time of loading and unloading of the goods a printout of the initial conditions and those during the entire journey path. The temperature and the measurement data can also be controlled during travel from remote computers.

Specific alarm systems intervene when the actual temperature tends to deviate from the tolerable minimum / maximum value in order to keep the values on a constant and uniform level. Very strict intervention procedures guarantee the replacement of the vehicle in case of unplanned downtime in a short time and under the constant temperature.


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