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Burkina Faso

Capital City

17.4 Millionen

National languages
Moré, Dioula and Fulfulde; additional official language: French

Communauté Financière Africaine Franc (XOF)

Gross national product (GNP)
11,3 Mia. USD

Financial exports to Switzerland
6,58 Mio. CHF

Financial imports from Switzerland
1,1 Mio. CHF

Bilateral relations Switzerland–Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is a priority country for Swiss development cooperation. Switzerland and Burkina Faso maintain a modest level of economic cooperation.

Economic cooperation

Economic exchange between Switzerland and Burkina Faso is modest in scope. In 2014, Switzerland imported agricultural products to the value of CHF 1.1 million. Exports to Burkina Faso amounted to CHF 6.58 million, comprising mainly agricultural and forestry products, pharmaceuticals, machinery and vehicles.


Business language


Dimensions and weights

Metric system.


National currency CFA-Franc (CFA) = 100 centimes (c).
ISO code: XOF

Customs tariff

Harmonised system, customs clearance based on the CIF value.

Import control

The import of goods from EU states is almost fully liberalised. Import licences are required for non-liberalised goods. Signed pro forma invoices are required to apply for licences. Certificates are not necessary.
The goods must be shipped before the licence expires. The duration of licences is generally six months. After 6 months: there are bans on the import of certain animal products, used CI (consular invoices) Z parts, counterfeit goods.
Standard VAT rate: 18%.

Pre-shipment inspection

Pre-shipment inspections by the Cotecna testing institute are generally required for imports. The quality and quantity, price, customs value and suitability for import are checked. After the check the testing company issues an inspection certificate and provides the commercial invoices with the test seal. The advance import declaration (DPI) is also used for foreign currency purposes. The DPI paper must be provided on import from a value of 500,000 XOF. There are exceptions to the pre-shipment inspection in the case of shipments with a FOB value of less than 3 million XOF and a number of different products such as books, newspapers, medical resources and samples. Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (pre-departure freight declaration) required. The freight will not be processed without the BESC document.

Terms of payment and tenders

Irrevocable, confirmed letter of credit is standard.
EUR invoicing. Tenders based on FOB.

Designations of origin

Required on goods with misleading names with the origin indicated as “Importé d’Allemagne”, where applicable.


There are special marking regulations for batteries, foods and cigarettes.
Otherwise standard information with the addition “Made in …”


Sea packaging, avoid hay and straw. No special marking regulations for packaging. Standard markings are sufficient.

Product samples

Duty free if they have no retail value.
There is no exemption from customs duties for food samples.

Shipping and accompanying documents

Standard and

a) Commercial invoices, 3 copies in french with all standard information including gross and net weight, FOB and CIF value, delivery terms, precise description of the goods etc. Delivery conditions etc., uncertified. The following declaration to be signed by the exporter must appear at the end of the invoice: “Nous certifions que les marchandises dénommées dans cette facture sont de fabrication et d’origine de la Suisse et que les prix indiqués ci-dessus s’accordent avec les prix courants sur le marché d’exportation.”

b) Certificates of origin, 1 copy required. In the case of Swiss goods indicate “Swiss” or “European Union” for goods originating from UE as the origin. CIC (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) certification.

c) Movement certificate EUR. 1 or UE on request. They are only issued where Burkina Faso is using a cumulation for goods of EU origin.

d) Postal packages 31.5 kg: 1 international dispatch note, 2 customs declarations in french, for airmail use “airmail” stickers, 2 customs declarations in french, 3 commercial invoices, as for a).

e) Freight shipments by ship: standard and 3 commercial invoices, as for a), certificates of origin as for b).

f) Uncertified bills of lading, order bills of lading permissible if a notify address is given.

g) Inspection certificate regarding price, quantity and quality required.



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