Interview with the young entrepreneur and managing director of Franzosini Monaco Sarl.

Monaco Matin / Nice Matin, Franzosini Monaco Sarl

Christian Tepoorten, young manager of the Franzosini transport company located in Switzerland, Italy and Monaco, describes his activity oriented towards sustainable development.



My family manages the company’s head office in Switzerland. The company was founded in 1929 and my family bought it 20 years ago. Today we have ten branches in 3 countries. I grew up with a family mentality, very involved in respecting the environment. In Switzerland, thanks to the presence of many important head offices, sustainable development is the government’s priority. Also our “green” ideology corresponds perfectly to the will of the Monegasque principality, which is also invested in this green progress. So as a transport company, we have always attached great importance to environmental quality management. Today we can link transport and ecology, we have been determined from the start to apply this credo.


We are the first Swiss-Italian transport company to obtain the ISO14000A certificate. For years, we have been committed to applying and enforcing within our company all the rules necessary for a green operation. Wishing to establish our activity in the south-east of France to meet the significant need of the Riviera basin, we thought that the Principality of Monaco, with which we closely share this eco-responsible concept, was the best place to shine on the Riviera. Monaco has a green ideology very similar to that of Switzerland, so we are on the same wavelength.


The priority for Franzosini is always to be in harmony with the environment, to accomplish each mission with the greatest respect for the environment. The first step is to make clean vehicles run. For example, we have acquired a fleet of electric trucks for the shortest transport. For long transport, we have set up an ecological rail transport system with the company Ralpin. In our logistics parks, too, we have made agreements to pay more charges for our water consumption. And then, upstream of tools and infrastructure, our 100 employees strictly comply with eco-environmental standards, which is an integral part of their missions. The trash can for example: each employee has two or three trash cans available for sorting. We have also integrated in-house courses: training from the most general to the most specific on sustainable development, for our drivers for example, for learning eco-driving. It was crucial for us that everyone included the basic rules of respecting the environment.

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